What Works Where?

What Works Where in B2B digital marketing

“One of the biggest issues in B2B is the lack of published research on best practice.”

Andrew Markowitz, Director of Global Digital Strategy at GE back in May at the BMA BLAZE conference in Chicago

We agree. That’s why we’ve been carrying out research on what works where in B2B digital marketing for the last 3 years, in partnership with The Marketing Society and Circle Research. Watch the video to find out more about the thinking behind the research.

What Works Where in B2B 2013

We asked 200 senior business marketers in the UK, USA and China about their marketing objectives, budgets and activities. We found that they’re all facing a number of key challenges and opportunities.

What Works Where UK

B2B marketers in the UK are facing more challenges than ever before, targeting more audiences in more regions, using more channels than 3 years ago. But they’re clear on what needs to be done and how to do it well. And there are real opportunities, as digital marketing has an important role to play in meeting business objectives.

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What Works Where USA

This year we joined forces with the Business Marketing Association and extended our research to B2B marketers in the USA. We found that US-based marketers have an expanding remit, like their counterparts in the UK, and they’re encountering similar challenges and opportunities.

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What Works Where China

Marketing is becoming increasingly global and centralised. Our UK and US studies revealed that more than half of respondents are responsible for marketing in the Asia Pacific region. So we asked ourselves: is there one universal way or not? If there are differences between East and West, what are they? Our research on China explores some answers to these questions.

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What Works Where in B2B 2012

What Works Where 2012

In 2012, we surveyed B2B buyers as well as B2B marketers, allowing us to share insights into marketing approaches and buying decisions from both points of view. Our findings are based on the responses of 170 senior marketers, spending around £100m between them, and 224 buyers with a collective buying power of over £150m.

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What Works Where India

When we started looking at B2B digital marketing in India, we found it was pretty undocumented. So we extended our ‘What Works Where’ study to India, in partnership with Durham University Business School.

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What Works Where in B2B 2011

What Works Where 2011

In 2011 we began our ‘What Works Where’ research with the aims of allowing B2B marketers to benchmark their activities, highlighting best practice and sparking debate. Our first study revealed a number of disconnects between marketers’ goals and the techniques they were using to achieve them.

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