Omobono wins at the Digital Impact Awards 2012

Omobono’s excellence in digital stakeholder communications was recognised at last night’s Digital Impact Awards. Omobono won two GOLD awards in categories Best Use of Digital in Employee Communication and Best Use of Digital in Professional Services, and a BRONZE award in the category of Best Digital in an Integrated Campaign for its work with a global management consulting company.

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The Communicate magazine Digital Impact Awards has created an industry-wide benchmark, as well as an opportunity to give teams the recognition they deserve.

In a ceremony at The Brewery in London, hosted by BBC Science correspondent, Steve Mould, Omobono was lauded for its work on two international projects; work on an employee referral programme won GOLD and work on a platform for sustainable business development won BRONZE and GOLD.

The Digital Impact Awards was established by Communicate magazine, the UK’s leading magazine for corporate communications and stakeholder relations. The entries were all judged by a panel of experienced in-house practitioners, digital communication directors, and online marketing managers in order to celebrate and benchmark best practice in digital stakeholder relations.

“It is fantastic to get recognition for all the hard work that has gone into these innovative digital programmes the client and our terrific team at Omobono have championed over the last two years. There were some great brands up for awards so we were in good company and as always it’s great to be recognized for marketing innovation and excellence, which I truly believe this work is”

Ben Dansie, Company CEO

“This year’s digital impact awards saw a 54% increase in entries and all entries were of an incredibly high standard. So for Omobono to have won two GOLD and a BRONZE awards in three separate categories means they showed real creative flair, strategic insight and strong execution skills. Communicate magazine congratulates Omobono and all the winners at this year’s digital impact awards.”

Andrew Thomas, Publisher of Communicate Magazine

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