The state of B2B digital marketing in India

In August 2012 we launched our survey about the position of B2B marketing in India, and today I am able to announce the highlights of our research, What Works Where, India.

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The results bring together the views of 58 senior marketers living and working in India and compares what they think works in B2B; digital marketing priorities, channels, time, budgets and perception of effectiveness.

At the core is the same message we discovered elsewhere; the basics – web, search and social are all critical channels in the India market. But some digital channels seem to be underused, leaving open opportunities for companies.

India has a young demographic, people under 35 account for over half the population and this will (obviously) grow. 98% of survey respondents were from this young population.

Before too long they will come into business increasing the normalisation of digital channels in across the board.

For the past two years, Omobono has conducted WWW in the UK with input from our clients in Europe and the US.

But the world is changing, and the requirements of many global corporates to spread their marketing efforts into BRIC countries means that we need to know whether the things we hold true as marketers in the West are held true elsewhere. Is there one universal way? Or not? If there are differences, what are they?

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