Creative Hackathon: shaking up content creation at Omobono

What do a fraudulent magician, two one-legged horses and Saudi Arabia have in common?


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Believe it or not, they are all new ways we found to showcase the results of our recent survey on What Works Where in B2B digital marketing.

Thursday saw Omobono’s first Creative Hackathon – a company-wide challenge to create content sharing our latest ‘What Works Where’ research.

The idea?

Simple. Split everyone into small teams and set them against the clock. The teams had 3 hours to produce at least 3 pieces of content – which could be visual social posts, videos, interactive tools or anything else we could think of. In those 3 hours we managed to shoot short films, design web games, fight a fierce Twitter campaign, drum up some international support and attempt a sing-along.

Besides being a great way to generate content, it was also a rewarding exercise in creativity and teamwork. We were mixed up in teams of people with different skills, who don’t necessarily work together often, and it was a great opportunity to discover each other’s strengths.

I was in Team 6, with an Account Director, 2 Project Managers and 2 Creative Designers. Our task was to create an engaging campaign from the survey findings on measuring ROI. After bouncing ideas back and forth for a good hour or so, some good some not so good, we finally settled on Immeasurable ROI, a novelty Twitter personality who arrogantly personifies the difficulties marketers have in measuring and understanding ROI. Then, alongside this Twitter personality we created a guerrilla ‘exposure campaign’ to call him out and correct him with the insights from the survey. And it all came from an offhand pun about the acronym ‘ROI’.

It’s good to be able to surprise yourselves now and again, and that was certainly the case yesterday. It was refreshing to see the volume of output generated in only 3 hours and everyone got enthusiastically involved in areas that extended beyond their job descriptions. The collaborative approach proved to be fun, productive and creative.

Having the space to play with ideas freely showed us just how far collective creativity can reach and how unexpected ideas can crop up. Who knows where it will go from here… best keep your eyes peeled for those results, in whatever form they may appear!

And check out our video about the hackathon.

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