Membership has its benefits. What Microsoft Gold Partner status actually means.

Omobono has now achieved Gold Partner status with Microsoft across a range of disciplines.


Marcus Lambert


For over 20 years, Marcus has built a global reputation as a technology innovator. Today, he architects and delivers world- class products and projects that solve real business problems.

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On paper this means Omobono now “represents the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies, and have the closest working relationship with Microsoft”. In practice it means we continue our strategy of following clients into the technology environments that best suit them. When you work for enterprise clients it’s imperative to have developers that can use and a full set of Microsoft technologies. So it might sound small, but it’s a great accolade for the team.

This solid technology foundation is what helps us serve our customers better. Add Microsoft Gold Partner to our Sitecore and Salesforce partnerships and then throw in some amazing front and back end skills and you have a technology team that makes us hugely proud and helps us deliver world-class digital experiences for our clients.

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