VR technology in the workplace

Virtual Reality. You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking Lawn Mower Man, dodgy sci-fi, or geeks with an active gaming habit. You could judge VR on its heritage, or perhaps what the technology represents and how far it has come since emerging 20 years ago.


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VR has grown up after years of being cast out to the rim of hardware hackers. It is now fully mainstream, thanks to Facebook playing the first big hand with the purchase of start-up VR company – Oculus Rift – for an estimated $2billion dollars. Facebook doubled down on VR and now owns the most promising platform. Imagine the possibilities of being able to join a virtual experience with your friends or work colleagues. Pretty powerful stuff.

This move started the VR arms race.

Enter the battle of the platforms. Facebook, Google, Sony, Samsung and HTC (and some others) all have VR technologies with the potential to disrupt how we communicate, providing a step forward in the digital evolution of business.

We have been working on a number of VR concepts that push the established boundaries of business communications. These concepts work across entry level technology such as Google Cardboard to the high end extremes of Rift and Sony’s Morpheus. For our clients and future partners, we are demonstrating the business value of VR and how it can be used within the business world.

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