Book Review: Risky Strategy by Jamie MacAlister

Risk. For most humans it’s something best avoided. For business leaders however, risk is often the place where the strategic advantage is found.

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Although there’s nothing innovative about the idea of embracing risk, there is much commercial benefit to be gained from identifying fresh opportunity, and in developing new ways to respond.

This is the premise of Risky Strategy, which blends a rich array of strategic evidence – historic, scientific and sporting; research from the Ashbridge Business School and real world case studies – with the author’s own extensive experience as a management consultant and senior manager, to advance the promise of risk with energy and conviction.

More than asking provocative questions, Risky Strategy opens rewarding lines of enquiry, never more so than when examining the beliefs and behaviours of today’s business elite. And takes a bold perspective to show where and when the most rewarding opportunity might be found.

In addition, the author looks beyond the corporate walls, examining ‘hot topics’ such as data sharing and analysis, and the building of relationships, to advance a shared understanding and common language for identifying and mastering the risks ahead.

The concept of risk may not be new, but in making sense of underlying human behavior, inherent business need and commercial opportunity, Jamie MacAlister shows how critical risk truly is to the long-term decision-making process.

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