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A selection of our favourite podcasts from 2018, covering technology, marketing, business and new ideas. It’s the sort of stuff that makes us unstoppable together.


Marcus Lambert


For over 20 years, Marcus has built a global reputation as a technology innovator. Today, he architects and delivers world- class products and projects that solve real business problems.

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Ben Dansie – CEO @bendansie

The Marketing Cloudcast – Industry specialists discuss the marketing issues of the day. Contains key industry trends, tactics and insight.

The Price-to-Value Podcast with Southeastern Asset Management – Shows how podcasts can make technical trading information accessible.

The IdeaCast from HBR – Makes HBR much more accessible and the most recent one from Beth Comstock is definitely worth a listen.

Tim Johnson – Development Team Lead

Egghead IO developer chats – Interviews with some of the best developers in the world of frontend dev, presented by some very experienced people.

.NET Rocks! – A nice mix of technologies discussed with some other geeky topics thrown in.

Real Virtual Show – Great discussions on everything VR, AR and MR related. Excellent insights into new development possibilities in the developing world of virtual reality.

Charlie Boon – Strategist

Freakonomics Radio – I’ve been listening to Freakonomics for years, and they never fail to keep informing, educating, and surprising me. If asked what podcasts to recommend, this one always tops the list.

Fran Brosan – Founder and Chairperson @Franbrosan

Mckinsey Podcast – Covering a range of insightful topics this series includes strategy, technology, leadership, marketing, operations, organisation, and the role of business in society.

Marcus Lambert – Chief Technology Officer @76mel

A16Z – Covers a wide variety of topics on innovation and technology, featuring great interviews with executives and authors in the space.

Art of Paid Traffic – Featuring market trends, highlighting all aspects of marketing and advertising through a hyper tactical lens. This podcast is aimed at using Facebook and its manager platform.

This Week in Startups – Entrepreneur Jason Calacanis and a rotating panel of guest experts bring you their weekly take on the best, worst and most outrageous stories in the world of startups.

Daily Tech News Show – Daily tech stories in a short five-minute style format that’s great for staying up-to-date with the latest tech headlines.

Recode Decode – Hosted by Kara Swisher, Recode Decode features a fantastic panel of guests, topics, and questions.

Chris Domain – Project Manager

Design Matters – Every episode is a conversation between design guru Debbie Millman and a creative, ranging from designers to directors. This podcast introduces you to a lot of leading talent from around the world that might otherwise fall under your radar.

Shari Robertshaw – Senior Creative Designer

Hurry Slowly – A podcast about how you can be more productive, creative, and resilient by intentionally slowing down. The podcast covers topics like the importance of being in nature, prioritising rest and reflection, and how using analogue tools rather than a computer can charge your creativity.

Overtime –’s podcast interviews top designers from their popular website. Many of the interviewees talk about how they ended up on their career path and what they’ve learnt along the way.

UX Podcast – This podcast shares insights about business, technology and people. While some of the interviews talk about specific digital projects, many conversations talk through the wider user experience and how to keep all interactions user-focused.

Jonathon Palmer – Head of Strategy @JonathonPalmer

The Business of Story – A podcast where content creators, advertising creatives, authors, and marketers explain how to make your story in marketing stand out.

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