E-book – deciding your next step

Download this ebook to help you come out stronger following the uncertainty of COVID-19. Written by Simon McEvoy, Head of Strategy, UK at Omobono, it is filled with real-life examples, tools and practical actions.


Simon McEvoy


Simon has worked with a wide variety of clients, from large multinationals like Xbox, Thomson Reuters and Sky, to smaller organisations and NGOs like National Trust, Outward Bound and Samaritans. His role is to act as the ‘bridge’ between data insights and creative in the agency, working across Strategy and UX to produce attention-grabbing, innovative but most of all effective work.

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How can B2B marketers respond positively to the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic? How do you adapt your marketing strategy to make it fit for this new world?

Our e-book is an invaluable read for B2B marketers who are looking for answers during this pandemic and beyond. From reframing your customer relationships to implementing a digital-first strategy, it’ll equip you with all the ideas, strategies and tools you need to put your business in the strongest position possible – both for today and tomorrow.


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We're helping clients with a range of challenges they are dealing with right now. With our team of specialists, we can give you the expert advice you need to find a solution. Please get in touch.

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