B2B Ignite 2020: Day 3 Roundup

On the third and final day of B2B Marketing’s Ignite conference, Omobono’s Global Account Lead Donna McGrory recaps the must-know takeouts from the Creativity & Innovation, Martech (marketing technology) and Brand streams

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Donna McGory

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Day 3 of B2B Ignite and boy was it a hot one! B2B Marketing nailed it when they said most attendees had the holy trinity of virtual conference screen, work screen and enormous fan!

The Day 3 streams were: Creativity & Innovation, Martech (marketing technology) and Brand. You can see my roundups of the previous days here: Day 1Day 2.

The theme of emotion remained strong throughout the conference and Paul Cash summed it up when he said: “If you’re going to be an expert in anything in #B2Bmarketing, be an expert in people. People don’t buy what you do. They buy how you make them feel”.

The Martech stream was broad and varied. Discussion ranged from how it’s essential to use deep expertise where implementation is business critical, through to emerging tech. A theme from Day 1 re-emerged on how technology is the easy part – it’s the people that are hard! We heard how most organisations have a plethora of Martech now – but the real challenge is how they come together to truly deliver against the business objectives. Something Omobono’s CTO Marcus Lambert is always keen to advise on if you need help! Ameen Nisreen talked through how #Automation & #AI may impact B2B marketing too.

The Creativity & Innovation stream encouraged us to step outside our comfort zones and think differently, even to get a bit crazy. Malin Liden asked us to embrace Jack Ma’s philosophy that “Innovation is the art of craziness”.

It was great to see that the Brand discussion take centre stage, hearing from Bill Lovejoy that “the gap between B2B and B2C branding is more narrow than it used to be”. Marisa van Vuuren shared wise words on her experience in running a large corporate #rebrand project including “assemble the A team” and “don’t focus all the energy and investment in the launch campaign”. Omobono’s own James Holland talked about how it’s critical to not just have a great #brandstrategy but to be able to act on it. He explained what creative teams need from the brand promise to deliver the vision in the real world. ‘What words can you draw?’ he questioned and showed us how he helps workshop brands and coach on what category codes you can take and what you can break.

Of course a conference in 2020 wouldn’t be complete without referencing Covid-19 and what comes next! The closing keynote was from Allister Frost and was titled ‘ReadyAlready™ for whatever happens next in B2B marketing?’, explaining why we’re better at change than we think. Earlier Stefan Doering summarised pertinently:

“The brands that are able to invest, and be authentic, humble and caring in this crisis are the ones that will come out stronger”

The Omobono team thoroughly enjoyed such a varied event, so thank you B2B Marketing for having us. If you want to connect or discuss our sessions send us an email and we’ll connect you with our experts.

So until next time! Hopefully in a more air conditioned room…

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Donna McGrory

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