What I learnt from invision presents: design systems for people, communication, collaboration and culture

People manager Laura Banks shares her musings from the Invision design systems for people communication, collaboration & culture event.  

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Laura Banks

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My Omobono 2.0 journey has taught me many things; a big take away for me personally is Ways of Doing.  I love all things Ways of Being and in fact thrive on it.  But I have discovered that I really need to focus my energies on the systems and aligning this to my emotional intelligence.  So, part of this was attending Invision’s webinar today  ‘design systems for people: communication, collaboration and culture’. 

Many of you will be familiar with Invision and their work with digital design transformation and I was instantly taken in with their ‘human centric solutions’.  Invision say that their successful design systems rely on people and their (good) practices.  Where have we heard this before?!  Exactly!  As if the journey that our evolution into a self-managing organisation and personal growth hasn’t given us enough already.  Chris Stone, their director of design transformation products spoke of ‘mastery’ in emotional being and ‘things you can’t necessarily see’.   

We have more complex systems (again, sound familiar?!) to navigate than ever before, as well as more engaged and smart stakeholders and so to get through this challenging and uncertain context he implores us all to use the same compassion and understanding we have with our clients to our own colleagues.  I could not agree more.  Stone’s second magical component for a successful design system?  intent.  Let’s all work together for that shared purpose and align to that common vision.   

Whilst none of these ideas were particularly ground-breaking or brand new for Omobonians having gone through the last 16 months of a cultural transformation, it was incredibly worthwhile attending to see the agile cultures many agencies and businesses are not just talking about but transforming their own design systems, in addition to the clients we all work with.  For me, this is very exciting.   


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