DocProcess: challenging the sector

DocProcess have one of the most unique viewpoints on connected business, automisation and the most flexible platforms on the market. Audiences struggled to understand their differentiation and why it mattered.


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In the world of digital transformation and optimisation, companies traditionally look at their internal processes to make them more efficient. DocProcess had a unique platform that moved beyond internal transformation, enabling customers to automate processes between a business’ whole ecosystem, between suppliers, buyers, financial institutions and logistics but struggled to communicate the benefits without slipping into jargon.

This meant that DocProcess were seen as another player in the same sector, rather than what they really were, a next generation platform that could challenge the sector and make a huge impact on clients, and their clients’ partners’ businesses.

DocProcess needed a new positioning statement for their company, their range of solutions and a new brand to reflect the innovation that lay hidden within the core of their offering.

DocProcess faced a number of challenges when they came to us. They wanted to use the launch in a new market as unknown brand to stand out from the crowd, and ultimately generate leads.

Where flexibility meets control

After we conducted a brand audit and a wider market brand review, we realised DocProcess had the chance to occupy a new category in their market: Business Ecosystem Automation.

DocProcess offered the most flexible, adaptable and fluid systems on the market. Combined with unrivalled data accuracy. So, we designed our visual identity system to bring these benefits to life.

What does automation look like?

This led to the creation of a background device that moved in an organic way but was inspired by systems communicating automatically. This was combined with a fine orange keyline and fine typography to show accuracy and precision.

DocProcess’ point of difference is that they’re challenging the traditional, outdated solutions of their competitors. They’re asking what’s the point of automating within, if you’re stuck with analogue processes across the rest of your network? This genuine business advantage gave us the ingredients to make them stand out from the crowd and make a splash in a typically static market.

Creating a new category with DocProcess was a thoroughly satisfying project for our creative team. And, we’re very pleased with the results. Their new visual identity and tone of voice convey the power of a proper inside-out transformation.

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