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of B2B Marketing

In every episode, our very own Simon McEvoy
sits down with B2B marketers to chat about what makes them
proud, envious and angry in the world of B2B.

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How to find your creative courage

David has worked in the world of B2B for nearly 20 years. He sits down with Simon to chat through his deadly sins of marketing, touching on the importance of brand building, how becoming complacent can be dangerous for your brand and why B2B marketers lack courage.


Using storytelling to build global tech brands

Ruth has over 20 years of experience working in the technology sector for giants like BT and Dimension Data. In our first episode, she speaks to Simon about the changing role of technology in the world and the power of storytelling to build tech brands.

This podcast is hosted by
Simon McEvoy

Got any questions? Our UK Head of Strategy Simon would be happy to answer them or chat about any of the topics covered in the podcast, just drop him an email.

Simon McEvoy


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