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Business experience – the new path to competitive advantage

Delivering a great customer experience is conventional wisdom for any CEO living in the twenty-first century. Yet many companies are focusing on only one piece of the overall puzzle and as a result, are failing to unleash true customer experience advantage.

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Jonathon Palmer

How AI is transforming recruitment

The global challenge for HR teams is finding the right person for a variety of roles from a pile of remarkably similar applications that contain the all-too-familiar list of industry buzzwords. Mea... Read more

Marcus Lambert

Workplace culture: groupthink & dissent

In 2019, any workplace can stand out to potential candidates through its culture. And we’re not talking ping pong tables and Read more

Will Brennan

Crossing the uncanny valley – how machines are learning to perceive the world in new ways

With little fanfare, mankind passed an important frontier last year by crossing the uncanny valley.  The impact of this will be huge and long-lasting. Read more

Jonathon Palmer

Why bringing brand and business strategy together matters

Since 2011 Omobono has been conducting annual research into uncovering successful business-to-business (B2B) approaches used by marketing leaders worldwide. The research, titled Read more

Philip Black

How to survive in 2019? Be more tortoise.

I have been mulling on Charles Darwin recently – prompted by moving into a house in Cambridge which is owned by a descendant of his and also having read Period Piece, the autobiography of his daugh... Read more

Fran Brosan

The year of the ‘Joy of Missing Out’

If 2017 was the year when the world was up for anything, mainly via Facebook, then 2018 was the year when we all started to get quietly selective about holding out for a better option. 2019 seems t... Read more

Ben Dansie