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How to build an unstoppable employer brand

Omobono recently ran a breakfast roundtable event on employer branding, hosted at the Gherkin and set against the impressive backdrop of London’s changing skyline. With lively discussion from the start, we were joined by leaders from a range of sectors including finance, engineering, commodities, telecoms, social media, alcoholic beverages, energy and academia.

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Jonathon Palmer
News & Events, Strategy

How AI is already transforming B2B Marketing

Our newsfeeds have been bombarded with tech buzzwords such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for a few years now. But, finding any real value behind the hype has been difficult, ... Read more

Marcus Lambert

Why data only tells part of your story

Nowadays, data reigns. You see it everywhere in B2B marketing - much like in consumer marketing. Your go-to-market strategies are all informed by data; mastering the in’s and out’s of data analysis... Read more

Will Brennan , Liz Chenier

Disruption – the wrong word for a powerful new way of doing business

I’ve written before on the need for businesses to roll with the punches in this unending age of disruption. Read more

Fran Brosan

What are the ten questions for a better marketing strategy?

It seems the more tactics and channels marketers get hold of, the more quality strategic thinking suffers. This is a huge concern, as strategic thinking really, really matters. Read more

Simon McEvoy

The power of simple

Simplicity. In a complicated world, it sounds good, doesn’t it? As a strategist, one of our constant challenges is turning complexity into simplicity. That’s what I tell people I do at work all day... Read more

Korbi Forker

How AI is transforming recruitment

The global challenge for HR teams is finding the right person for a variety of roles from a pile of remarkably similar applications that contain the all-too-familiar list of industry buzzwords. Mea... Read more

Marcus Lambert