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DocProcess: challenging the sector

DocProcess have one of the most unique viewpoints on connected business, automisation and the most flexible platforms on the market. Audiences struggled to understand their differentiation and why it mattered.

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James Holland

Celebrating the feast day of St Omobono

Our COO Sarah Pettinger discusses the origins of our name and how celebrations will be taking a different turn this year. Read more

Sarah Pettinger

Busting myths around inclusive design

 Lead experience specialist Jen Hennings debunks myths about inclusive design.  Read more

Jen Hennings

B2B Marketing’s ABM Conference

We had a great time at this year’s ABM Conference. The digital event enabled a lot of stimulating conversation and we heard from a whole host of ABM experts. Read more

Hem Chauhan

Wholehearted change

Our COO Sarah Pettinger discusses wholeheartedness and wholeness in the workplace.  Read more

Sarah Pettinger

What I learnt from invision presents: design systems for people, communication, collaboration and culture

People manager Laura Banks shares her musings from the Invision design systems for people communication, collaboration & culture event.   Read more

Laura Banks

In a digital world, customer empathy is the best medicine

The last 6 months have shown us all, not least those in the healthcare industry, just how quickly the best laid plans can be swept aside. With the world moving faster than ever, many companies had ... Read more

Charlie Boon