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Omobono joins over 150 agencies and the IPA to ensure staff safety

The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) and over 150 agencies and businesses from the UK media and advertising sector have issued an open letter to the Prime Minister demanding changes to the current business tax legislation regarding taxis.

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Hem Chauhan
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Omobono achieves Microsoft Gold competencies

We’re delighted to have achieved the renewal of the Microsoft Gold competency for Application Development and Cloud Platform, continuing the run of five years and two years respectively.   Read more

The case for marketing in uncertainty: it’s time to let go

Marketing, and more broadly business, is a discipline that loves certainty.   Read more

Simon McEvoy

Creating a digital-first buying experience to emerge stronger post-pandemic

Social distancing isn’t just a challenge for consumer brands who rely on shoppers, diners and drinkers.     Read more

Charlie Boon

How to plan your way through uncertainty and become an agile marketer

One of the hardest things about marketing with high levels of uncertainty is how to plan effectively.   Read more

To emerge post pandemic in a strong position, now is the time to invest in your brand

When things get tight it can be tempting to cut brand building spend and focus on performance marketing that delivers hugely needed short-term revenues.   Read more

Charlie Boon

Three small steps to create great digital experiences in Healthcare

Digital experience in sales is now more important than ever - particularly in healthcare, pharmaceutical and MedTech industries. Strategist Charlie Boon shares 3 things you can easily do to improve... Read more