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DocProcess: challenging the sector

DocProcess have one of the most unique viewpoints on connected business, automisation and the most flexible platforms on the market. Audiences struggled to understand their differentiation and why it mattered.

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James Holland

The importance of communicating internal knowledge

We had a stimulating couple of days at the Melcrum Summit and SCM Awards last week; a gathering of internal communications people including RBS, Syngenta, Shell, GE and M&S. Read more

Fran Brosan

Social media inside the large enterprise

With Enterprise Social Networks being one of the biggest things to happen in internal communications today; we were keen to be at the simply-communicate SMILE (Social Media Inside the Large Enterpr... Read more

The Saint

Internal communications readiness to integrate with external communication

Each month, Melcrum SCM Magazine asks two communication experts to argue respective sides of a burning issue. This month, our own Fran Brosan got to debate with Simon Garcia, Internal Communication... Read more

Fran Brosan

Going for gold

In a year which has seen entries soar, Omobono has been named as a finalist for seven awards. Read more

The Saint

What Works Where in B2B digital marketing? 2012 edition

It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce the highlights of our 2012 research, What Works Where in B2B Digital 2012. Read more

Fran Brosan