We pride ourselves on our culture. To do great work takes creativity, tenacity and resilience. Omobono is a community of bright, dedicated people from many backgrounds who support each other, work together and put each other first — wherever they are in the world.

Why Omobono?

Our Values

Image of Omobono be the difference icon

Be the difference

Doing great work is important. But so is how we go about it. Going the extra mile for our clients. Being in the trenches with our colleagues. Doing whatever it takes.

Image of Omobono strive for epic icon

Strive for epic

Good enough isn't.
We want to change expectations. To zig when everyone else zags. To surprise. To delight. To provoke.

Image of Omobono stand together icon

Stand together

In an increasingly pressurised and interconnected world, the only way we can achieve great results is together. With our colleagues and our clients.
One team, one goal.

Our culture

Informed by our values and the life-experience of every
Omobonian - our culture is enriched by every new starter.
We’re working hard to build an environment that’s close-knit and supportive
– a place where the person you are matters as much as the job you do.
Last year, our D&I team led a company-wide initiative to include personal pronouns on email signatures.
In 2020, we’re focusing on mental health at work, diversity in the hiring process and how to tackle unconscious bias.
What will you bring to Omobono? What will Omobono bring to you?

Be challenged

Every client, every project,
every day brings a new challenge to learn from and solve.

Have a Feast

Every feast day of St Omobono,
we celebrate with a company-wide party.
A key date in every year.

Global family

Whether in the UK or USA,
we share our values and culture working collaboratively across borders.

Best brands

We work with some of the world's biggest and most innovative business brands.
Ones whose work shapes the future.

Inspired by different

It's our constant quest to make sure our clients stand out from the pack. Finding new ways to see, think about and experience the world.

Your springboard

We want to help our team build their careers — offering the chance of global mobility, career progression and skills development.

Your benefits

Well-being programme
25 days annual leave
Complimentary snacks

Tailored training
Pension contribution
Discretionary bonus

Latest equipment
Offsite trips
Flexible working

Personal development
Volunteer day
Global travel

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