Beyond the brand: how marketing can amplify business strategy

Since 2011, Omobono has been conducting annual research into uncovering successful business-to-business (B2B) approaches used by marketing leaders worldwide. The research, titled What Works Where, can be see more

Philip Black

Omobono appoints James Holland as UK Creative Director

Omobono, the creative & technology agency that powers global business brands has appointed James Holland as Creative Director, where he will be leading the team across the London office. see more

Pia Walton

Why data only tells part of your story

Nowadays, data reigns. You see it everywhere in B2B marketing - much like in consumer marketing. Your go-to-market strategies are all informed by data; mastering the in’s and out’s of data analysis can make or break your business pitch, your insights report... see more

Will Brennan

The power of simple

Simplicity. In a complicated world, it sounds good, doesn’t it? As a strategist, one of our constant challenges is turning complexity into simplicity. That’s what I tell people I do at work all day. But what does that really mean within business and marketi... see more

Korbi Forker

Workplace culture: groupthink & dissent

In 2019, any workplace can stand out to potential candidates through its culture. And we’re not talking ping pong tables and open flo... see more

Will Brennan

How to survive in 2019? Be more tortoise.

I have been mulling on Charles Darwin recently – prompted by moving into a house in Cambridge which is owned by a descendant of his and also having read Period Piece, the autobiography of his daughter, the artist see more

Fran Brosan
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