Why you need to be fixated on customer obsession

MD Susie Clark spoke at the BMC's Customer Obsession in B2B Marketing event. Here's why she thinks you can't be obsessed enough when it comes to your customers... see more

Susie Clark

How CX and EX is creating a new business experience

Billions of photos, videos, and podcast recordings are uploaded, consumed, and shared every day. These online habits are also changing how we feel about products and services. The lines between B2B and B2C are becoming increasingly blurred as the rise of th... see more

Marcus Lambert

Stop treating your customers as customers – here’s why, and how

On a recent holiday with my family, whilst in a busy city centre, we stopped off for a quick lunch at a well-known supermarket with a food bar. At the checkout the cashier put my food container into a small paper bag, and then placed both inside a larger pa... see more

Nicolas Pergola

How to build an unstoppable employer brand

Omobono recently ran a breakfast roundtable event on employer branding, hosted at the Gherkin and set against the impressive backdrop of London’s changing skyline. With lively discussion from the start, we were joined by leaders from a range of sectors incl... see more

Jonathon Palmer

Disruption – the wrong word for a powerful new way of doing business

I’ve written before on the need for businesses to roll with the punches in this unending age of disruption. Be more tortois... see more

Fran Brosan

What are the ten questions for a better marketing strategy?

It seems the more tactics and channels marketers get hold of, the more quality strategic thinking suffers. This is a huge concern, as strategic thinking really, really matters. see more

Simon McEvoy
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