Omobono achieves Microsoft Gold competencies

We’re delighted to have achieved the renewal of the Microsoft Gold competency for Application Development and Cloud Platform, continuing the run of five years and two years respectively.   see more

Why culture and behavioural changes are critical to your digital transformation

As we come out of lockdown and prepare for 'business as usual', CTO Marcus Lambert reminds us why culture and behavioural changes are more important than ever when it comes to digital transformation. see more

Technology platforms to maximise your virtual event experience

CX has never been so important. Virtual events are a great way to engage customers and potential prospects, so choosing the right support platforms can make all the difference to the experience they remember. CTO Marcus Lambert gives us a run-down of whi... see more

Marcus Lambert

How COVID-19 is driving digital transformation

The COVID-19 lockdown has altered our ways of working - perhaps forever. Could remote working be the new normal? In this blog our CTO Marcus Lambert dives into what our working world could become. see more

The role of CX in digital transformation

Customers are changing the world with their rising expectations, and every company must respond and adapt to these changes. With 70% of digital transformation efforts failing, now is the time to deliver on expectations linked to customer experience. see more

Marcus Lambert

How CX and EX is creating a new business experience

Billions of photos, videos, and podcast recordings are uploaded, consumed, and shared every day. These online habits are also changing how we feel about products and services. The lines between B2B and B2C are becoming increasingly blurred as the rise of th... see more

Marcus Lambert
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