How AI is already transforming B2B Marketing

Our newsfeeds have been bombarded with tech buzzwords such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for a few years now. But, finding any real value behind the hype has been difficult, until now. There is increasing evidence that AI has already ... see more

Marcus Lambert

How AI is transforming recruitment

The global challenge for HR teams is finding the right person for a variety of roles from a pile of remarkably similar applications that contain the all-too-familiar list of industry buzzwords. Meanwhile, candidates desperately try in vain to avoid becoming... see more

Marcus Lambert

Crossing the uncanny valley – how machines are learning to perceive the world in new ways

With little fanfare, mankind passed an important frontier last year by crossing the uncanny valley.  The impact of this will be huge and long-lasting. see more

Jonathon Palmer

Applied AI APIs

Online AI services; the two ends of the spectrum differ significantly. At one end there are infrastructure solutions which grant more control and customisation. Whereas at the other, we have pre-built API services. Here at Omobono, we're finding that many s... see more

Marcus Lambert

Building the foundations of Web 3.0 for businesses in 2019

Before the days of iPhones and iPads, many people reading this will remember the excitement and frustration of connecting to the internet via a dial-up modem in the mid-nineties. In more innocent times, the arrival of the super information highway enabled t... see more

Marcus Lambert

How AI trends will deliver business value in 2019

Whether you digest your daily news from your Facebook timeline, a 24-hour news channel or traditional newspaper in 2018, it was impossible to avoid stories about artificial intelligence (AI). Cliché images of robots with red eyes rising up against their hum... see more

Marcus Lambert
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