COVID-19: marketing in uncertain times

Every business is now in uncharted territory. To help you navigate through the impact of the Coronavirus, we’ve created this hub full of regularly updated articles, strategies and tips – from in-depth thought-leadership pieces to quick wins your business can achieve with B2B Marketing right now.

We are creating new content for the COVID-19 hub so if you’d like a response on a particular topic or would like to have a chat to get bespoke advice, let us know in this form or tweet us @omobono_digital.

Why culture and behavioural changes are critical to your digital transformation

As we come out of lockdown and prepare for ‘business as usual’, CTO Marcus Lambert reminds us why culture and behavioural changes are more important than ever when it comes to digital t... Read more

Creativity in the midst of COVID-19

How can we continue to be our best creative selves when confined to our homes? Associate Creative Director Steven Gurney shares practical advice on how you can foster creativity while working from ... Read more

Steven Gurney

Pitch Perfect: the art of pitching via video

The way we work has changed dramatically, but the work must happen. Pitching can be the most complex challenge, so here’s a little inspiration for your next pitch from all of us at Omobono. Read more

Donna McGory

COVID-19: marketing in uncertain times

We have launched our Covid-19 Marketing Hub and we’ll be adding content regularly so if you have a topic you’d like us to cover or a question you want answered, let us know via the form... Read more

Hem Chauhan

Top tips to improve your virtual workshops

Most workshops are designed to have a physical presence.  But as we’re all adjusting to working remotely we’re sharing our top tips on how to keep attendees engaged and get the most out... Read more

Hem Chauhan

Technology platforms to maximise your virtual event experience

CX has never been so important. Virtual events are a great way to engage customers and potential prospects, so choosing the right support platforms can make all the difference to the experience the... Read more

Marcus Lambert

How COVID-19 is driving digital transformation

The COVID-19 lockdown has altered our ways of working – perhaps forever. Could remote working be the new normal? In this blog our CTO Marcus Lambert dives into what our working world could be... Read more

E-book – deciding your next step

Download this ebook to help you come out stronger following the uncertainty of COVID-19. Written by Simon McEvoy, Head of Strategy, UK at Omobono, it is filled with real-life examples, tools and pr... Read more

Simon McEvoy

Ready for tomorrow? How global disruption shapes business

Crises are the mothers of invention—and reinvention—both from a socio-economic and technological viewpoint. COVID-19 will accelerate change across the world, leaving us with no choice but to work d... Read more

Chris Butterworth

Case Study: taking an industry event from face-to-face to online in days

Since summer 2019, we had been working with a leading global tech firm to deliver experiences and branding for their annual key event. Held in Las Vegas, attendance would be in the region of 3,000 ... Read more

Chris Butterworth

Four marketing principles for a new world 

To help us navigate this uncharted territory, Founder and Creative Director Chris Butterworth shares four guiding lights for effective marketing and advertising in this new world. Read more

Chris Butterworth

Now is the time to get to know your customer like never before

UK Head of Strategy, Simon McEvoy, discusses how to ensure you don’t stop the wheels of business turning while also keeping your communication sensitive to the current reality of the COVID-19 pande... Read more

Simon McEvoy

Embracing vulnerability

Embarking on our Omobono 2.0 journey has given us a toolkit to draw on in this challenging time. We will draw on everything we have learnt to help you find a way forward during this period of huge ... Read more

Sarah Pettinger