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B2B Ignite 2020: Day 1 Roundup

By Donna McGrory

Here's everything you need to know about Day 1 of B2B Marketing's Ignite conference.

What a start to B2B Ignite! Day 1’s focus was on the Engagement and Leadership & Strategy streams. The key themes we saw appearing across the keynotes and sessions were: storytelling, being human and digital transformation 

The day began with Tas Tasgal telling us why a story is worth a hundred slides. This theme was shown in practice in a number of sessions, most memorably in Nick Mason’s session on content personalisation, where he used the excellent analogy of tigers in the forest of information 

Sakina NajmiVice President of Global Marketing at Sandvik AMT hosted an excellent talk on digital transformation. In her session Sakintold how digital transformation is not just about technology, it’s more about leadership and culture change. It’s focusing on the people as well as the transformation journey. As Sakina perfectly put it “Tech is the easy part. People are the difficult part.” As our Chairman Fran Brosan shared on twitter, this is exactly what our 2.0 transformation work has focused on and what Omobono also brings to digital transformation projects.   

Being human ran through a number of talks. In one of our mini-sessions on achieving successful rapid remote audience empathy, Lead Experience Specialist Jen Hennings advocated for the need to prioritise human empathy – because ultimately all the marketing jargon means very little. All that matters, in the end, is how people feel” was Jen’s closing comment.   

The themes of storytelling and being human culminated in an impromptu conversation in the engagement stream, which took place after Stephen Kemish expertly handled fate dealing a hand of tech issues. “It’s about who your customer wants you to be in their story, and it’s about being that human” said David McGuire who joined Stephen on ‘stage’.  

We also had a number of sessions that fuelled much thought-provoking discussion; from OKRs with Rachel Dennis from Arctic Stores, social selling by Jake Potter from Colt Technology Services and how best to connect with global audiences by Neil Campbell from Lingo24.  

The closing keynote for the day was Talk Triggers, hosted by Jay Baer who co-authored a book of the same name. In the talk Jay talks about the four types of talk triggers; talkable generosity, talkable speed, talkable usefulness and talkable empathy. Competency doesn’t create conversation. Give your customers a story to tell.” Jay said after he illustrated the talk triggers with a number of case studies. The Hilton Doubletree’s cookie at check-in case study caused a huge positive reaction – on the event platform and on twitter!  

Roll on Day 2, where we are sponsoring the content streams of Sales Enablement, ABM and Insight. You can find our UK Head of Strategy, Simon McEvoy, on stage with his keynote on five ways to use digital to enable sales in a contact-free world at 10.40am and he’ll be joining a panel session on Sales Enablement hosted by B2B Marketing Editor-in-Chief Joel Harrison. In our Expo ‘booth’ we’ll be hosting our mini-sessions once again:

11:00 – Jen Hennings talking UX and audience insight
13:00 – James Holland talking brand identity
14:00 – Simon McEvoy talking Sales Enablement

See you there!

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