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B2B Ignite 2020: Day 2 Roundup

By Donna McGrory

The highlights of a stimulating Day 2 at B2B Marketing's Ignite conference.

Day 2 at B2B Ignite has been a day full of useful information, advice and hacks for better B2B Marketing. Today’s streams were: Sales Enablement, ABM and Insight. Omobono couldn’t have been more delighted to sponsor the day! The three topics that emerged from the sessions and conversations were Sales and Marketing alignment, how digital is augmenting the sales experience and how content needs to be relevant to truly complement Sales EnablementNo surprising that storytelling and empathy topics continued from Day 1 

Our UK Head of Strategy Simon McEvoy took to the stage in the morning of Day 2 to highlight five ways to enable sales in a contact free world. In his keynote, Simon talked through the practical ways we can enable better sales, or rather, better buying using content to answer questions, giving customers more control and B2B ecommerce. Plus, we all learnt that we could buy a JCB online at the click of a button 

Sales and Marketing alignment was discussed frequently throughout the sessions. In the Sales Enablement panel session, which featured panellists Peter O’Neill, Sam Bentley, John Kerr and Omobono’s Simon McEvoy, moderator Joel Harrison (Editor-in-Chief of B2B Marketing) said the crux of the issue when it comes to sales enablement “is fundamentally about aligning the marketing and sales teams”.  

The resounding message, particularly from Elizabeth Knights-Ward and ABM trainer Robert Norum, was to work collaboratively with your sales team. Ultimately, align Sales and Marketing goals and working practices, so you can figure out how your content can help buyers to buy 

Elizabeth Knights-Ward, LinkedIn’s Group Marketing Manager for Content Marketing, focused on the gap between the Sales and Marketing, providing practical advice on how to align the two teams. She drove home the point that content one of the most important elements. “It’s important to give sales a seat at the table when it comes to creating content” she said and implored both teams to lean into consultative selling.  

Content Marketing was also a focus for State Street’s Iulia Balan and Salma Gaber who talked through how they put the client at the centre of what they do and how they embedded Account Based Marketing into the organisation. “We got the right content, to the right people, at the right time on the right platforms” said the Head of Product and ABM. 

Unsurprisingly, Covid-19 has accelerated the need for digital selling. Digital sales became the hot topic of the day and was talked about frequently in the chats and the Q&As in the Sales Enablement and ABM streams. Even Joel’s closing comment in the Day 2 wrap up was “sales enablement is going to get us through Covid 

Summarising this brilliantly, Simon closed his Keynote with three small steps that can be taken to enable better digital sales 

  1. Run a CX mapping workshop to spot holes in your current buying process 
  1. Develop content around key questions your sales teams always get asked 
  1. Do a B2B ecommerce readiness review 

We’d love to share our learning on optimising your digital sales experience so if you’d like to discuss your challenges or prefer a copy of our keynote presentation please drop us an email and we will get in touch.

We’re all ready for Day 3 and we have Creative Director James Holland running a session on translating brand strategy into brand identity in the Brand stream at 4pm. See you there!   

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