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B2B Marketing’s ABM Conference

By Hem Chauhan

We had a great time at this year’s ABM Conference. The digital event enabled a lot of stimulating conversation and we heard from a whole host of ABM experts.

The first day began with the launch of B2B Marketing’s Annual Census with Peter O’Neill talking us through their findings. The most striking fact was that 51% of people said the absence of deep account insight was the biggest challenge they face in ABM.  

The panel discussion following Peter’s keynote featured Fujitsu’s Andrea Clatworthy, Shane Redding and Robert Norum, where a discussion on the semantics of ABM / CBM / ABE. Andrea asserted that no matter what we call ABM in the future, it will always play a role with important customers.  

Read B2B Marketing’s full report here 

We then heard from Demandbase’s Paul Gibson who talked us through five ways we can prepare for the future of B2B. Paul revealed that 82% of CMOs are struggling to hit their pipeline goals and we then heard from fellow Demandbase colleague Jon Miller at the end of the day, who shared that ABM is not just about pipeline, it can increase deal size, win rate and time to buy. Much of the conversation of the day followed the same flow; it’s was all about the role ABM plays in each organisation and how it’s evaluated.  

The ABM Conference delegates heard from our Head of Strategy Simon McEvoy in conversation with Capita’s Kate Owen who talked through our campaign, Classroom of the Future, which took a creative approach to ABM. To find out how we helped Capita, get in touch here 

The second day began with a panel discussion on the ABM Report findings.  

 B2B Marketing’s ABM Conference

The panel debate hosted by B2B Marketing Editor Joel Harrison discussed the connectedness of sales and marketing. Robert Norum stated that ABM is about enabling customer sales as opposed to Sales departments, Bev Burgess asserted that sales and marketing should one single business development value chain and Shane Redding saying that ultimately ABM will become about Customer Enablement.  

We heard Amie Stankiste’s excellent session on why we should be focused on Account Based Engagement rather than ABM. You can hear Amie discuss ABE with our Head of Strategy Simon McEvoy on Episode 5 of our podcast here 

Eleanor Pike from McGraw-Hill spoke about their digital ABM work which was very insightful. Eleanor shared that this work has now changed the way they think about ABM, and they are now using it with new leads and existing accounts.  

The importance of Sales and Marketing alignment was echoed once again at a session hosted by Christa Norton and Kate Owen of Capita discussing Capita’s ABM work, sharing their experiences and their advice about how to do ABM well. Christa promoted the idea of ABM being the way to find common ground outside of a traditional sales conversation.  

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