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Ben Dansie talks Digital with the Business Marketing Club

The Business Marketing Club (BMC) is a not-for profit Community for Business Marketing Professionals with over 1,000 participants across the world.

Omobono are proud members of the BMC and regularly feature in their popular podcasts, hosted by Dave Stevens. The BMC’s latest podcast series, A2Z, is a business marketer’s guide to the A-Z of B2B Marketing.

CEO and Co-Founder of Omobono Ben Dansie features in the latest episode “D is for Digital” alongside Head of Marketing for BT Business Lisa Daniels, General Manager at LeadFamly Richard Robinson, Vice-President of Marketing at Yext John Watton, and marketing consultant Luan Wise.

In the episode Ben explains why experience-led B2B companies win. If you’d like to know more about why digital experience is crucial for B2B, you can read Ben’s two-part blog on the topic here and here.

Listen now to the podcast episode here:

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