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Creative play

By Susie Clark

What’s creative play? Well, it’s what we did as children – but why don’t we do it now? Creative play is about stimulating ideas through lots of different mediums: potatoes, sponges and paints, craft paper and glue… Or even a leftover box, which I turned into a train – an intercity 125 to be precise!

For many people, childhood is where creativity can get left behind, but it’s where I fell in love with ‘ideas’– and went on to make the career choice to be a designer.

As a designer at Omobono, my role is to bring an idea or creative approach to life and offer solutions to our clients’ briefs, which could be through creative concepts, illustrations, icons or even some catchy headlines.

There are many strings to a designer’s bow, but how do we keep finding solutions? We’ve all heard of writer’s block and it’s common across any creative discipline. So how do we get past that point?

The answer is: by being inspired! At Omobono we’re lucky to have an environment and culture that help to nurture creativity – and, importantly, we understand that sometimes we need outside influence to inspire us.

So on 28th February, most of the creative team jumped on the train to London for ‘Reasons to be Creative’. The event had a great selection of inspirational speakers, who covered topics from creative coding to communicating through scamps, and shared some hilarious stories along the way.

I took away one unifying message from the speakers: play – challenge yourself and others. Play with your code, play with your type, play with your ideas. Some ideas may not be right for one project, but may be right for others, so don’t let the boundaries restrict what you do. If you play and let yourself be inspired, your work will be better for it!

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