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Going Face-to-face in Chicago

By Francesca Burt

There’s no better way to get to know your clients than working with them face-to-face and here at Omobono I was able to do just that!

I recently had a fantastic three-week opportunity to travel to Chicago and work in house at one of our client’s offices. I couldn’t wait to finally meet all the people I had been working with for the past 4 years.

In a time where we have so much facilitating technology, it’s impossible to deny the benefit of instant messaging and video calls. Despite this, the importance of face-to-face interaction remains one of the most effective tools for communication.

My in person experience meant that I had to ‘think on my feet’. It was exciting, fast paced and no two days were the same. The dynamic environment and collaborative approach to design really boosted my efficiency. A huge benefit was the opportunity to receive instant briefing on several projects both large and small. This process usually involves a lot of conversation and notepad scribbling so it was great to be able to go away and get on with producing the designs. With fast briefing came immediate feedback, this was aided by gauging a helpful sense of their tone of voice and body language, often things you can’t always ascertain via an email or phone call.

I got to know the immediate team along with their colleagues which refreshingly meant that I was able to witness their processes first-hand and get to the core of how Omobono’s work is really adding great value.

I also had the pleasure of visiting our Chicago office in River North and catching up with some of my Chicago colleagues. I was invited to Arlington Heights for the horseracing, I went to a Blues Bar, sang Karaoke, took the architecture boat tour and visited all of the beautiful sites which included: the beach, Millennium Park and the free Zoo. I even tried hot yoga! One of the best things I did was take a bus tour around the city, it gave me a good understanding of my whereabouts and I learnt some history along the way! I really wanted to experience all that Chicago had to offer.

I tried the trade mark cuisine such as the Chicago deep dish pizza, the classic Chicago hotdog, Malört, Garrett’s popcorn (Cheese and Caramel flavour) and along with Clients I had a few lunches at a nearby Hawaiian cuisine restaurant – it was incredible.

My three weeks in the wonderful city flew by and before I knew it I was back in the UK. Not only was this an incredible opportunity, it has also been a fantastic personal experience, one I will never forget.

Thank you Omobono.

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