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How marketers market & how buyers buy

By The Saint

Visibility of what works in B2B is harder than in consumer marketing as so much activity is select in its targeting and often commercially confidential.

In 2011 Omobono set out to share the best practice of B2B marketers so that they could learn from their peers. Partnering with The Marketing Society and ably supported by Circle Research, Omobono has researched what B2B marketers really do in digital and what they think works.

In 2012 we also looked through the other end of the telescope to see how buyers are consuming the information that marketers lay in their path, and what effect it has. The results, gathered over 2 years, are based on the collective views of 170 senior marketers, spending in the region of £100m between them, and 224 buyers with buying power of over £150 million. With the survey being completed by senior decision makers at some of the world’s biggest companies, this is a definitive guide against which B2B marketers can benchmark their own activities.

What Works Where in B2B? from Omobono

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