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Inspiring the next generation of engineers

By Nicolas Pergola

As a marketer, what do you think of when you think of thermoplastic composite compounds? And chemical engineering? And injection molding? Like most of us operating in the shiny and inspiring world of creative ideas and design, you’d probably think of a grey, inaccessible space, full of technicalities hard to understand, where the word ‘brand’ is not part of the lexicon.    

But think again. That’s what we did when we were appointed by Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials to re-launch KyronMAX® at global-scale; a breakthrough, injection-moldable plastic polymer, which sits within a ground-breaking development platform, designed to help engineers innovate and prototype at speed and scale. 

 MCAM wanted to re-introduce the KyronMAX® platform with renewed energy and a fresh approach, to generate new leads from both engineers and purchasers of parts and products.   

MCAM’s Growth Garage, the innovation hub in charge of the initiative, didn’t want to simply generate awareness of their KyronMAX® platform, but wanted to launch an entirely new way of working for engineers. Inspiring engineers with the possibilities that KyronMAX® products present, in ways that ignite their imagination. This also inspired us as their agency. Suddenly, we saw ourselves looking at the world of thermoplastic composite compounds from a different perspective- the creative opportunities it offers to customers, and the many interesting ways in which we could communicate that. 

It’s about risk-aversion, and innovation  

As we always do, we started by trying to understand the people behind the business, to help us understand the business. 

Engineers, what do they want? Our research into the engineering community revealed that, unsurprisingly, engineers have innovation in their DNA. They all want to find solutions to problems. But we also found an inherent tension in their behaviour. Innovation carries risk, and engineering culture can be risk averse. 

Digging deeper, we identified a new, up and coming breed of engineers. A new generation that are challenging the status quo and want to see a more flexible, open, collaborative and diverse approach to engineering. Trapped in the often stale ‘traditions’ where innovation is often viewed with suspicion and ‘new’ rarely equates to ‘better’, these pioneers are open to learning about new materials and new processes  to help bring their designs to life. 

But they need allies. They can’t change the world on their own. This is where KyronMAX® steps in. 

Changing the world is all about collaboration 

The customer insight, and the unique possibilities offered by the KyronMAX® platformled us to position the platform in a newly compelling and inspiring way. 

KyronMAX® is more than just a product range, it’s a true engineering partnership. From design to prototype to production, it helps engineers solve whatever challenges the world throws at them. The platform takethe risk out of working with new materials, by designing alongside the experts who know the material well. Prototyping takes just a few daysto checkthose designs work, and finally, bespoke production runs ensure materials perfectly fit your purpose. Fully embracing the circular economy, these injection moldable composites can be returned to create zero waste using an end-of-life recycling program.  

KyronMAX® is here to change the industry. For engineers who want to change the world.  

 It’s about breaking the mold 

We wanted our creative idea to generate a movement within the engineering community, by challenging customers to defy inertia and ‘Break the mold’. We wanted to make engineers the voice of the campaign, by showing successful and innovative partnerships between KyronMAX® and bold, visionary customers and companiesThe first partnership story we published is with Addifabbut there are going to be more to come. 

So, we aligned our campaign to the customer insight. It’s not news that today’s B2B buyers look pretty similar to B2C buyers. Particularly thanks to the rise of e-commerce, younger, millennial business buyers how are used to seamless buying processes and getting high-quality information online from websites, social media or peers, are now demanding similar experiences from B2B vendors. 

In response to the new buying habits of the B2B customer, we devised a bold new sub-brand for the product which radically modernised the platforms appeal for our young target audience. We then developed a launch microsite, complete with an interactive selector tool. Alongside the site, we developed and simultaneously launched a robust and highly-targeted social media campaign across LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, complete with re-targeting ads. This, coupled with re-developed case studies, video,  expert webinars, third-party testimonial assets and much more has led to a successful re-launch for this breakthrough product and platform. 

The campaign launched in November 2020, and whilst it’s too early to talk about results,  it’s a fact that working on the KyronMAX® campaign has made us here at Omobono see the engineering space with new eyes, and hope that young engineers looking to change the world, do so too. 


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