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Internal communications readiness to integrate with external communication

By Fran Brosan, Chairman

Each month, Melcrum SCM Magazine asks two communication experts to argue respective sides of a burning issue. This month, our own Fran Brosan got to debate with Simon Garcia, Internal Communications at Thomson Reuters.

Would integration with external communication mean overexertion for internal communication? Simon says

“I don’t believe internal communication is quite fit and lean enough to be ready for the move into an integrated team.”

He believes that internal communication has perhaps the most value to add to business and should lead the comms effort, but because internal communication does not yet seem to have the necessary skills to maintain focus on revenue-generating outcomes, and measuring and promoting the value we bring to the business that the other comms functions do.

However, Francesca Brosan argues that internal and external communications have to be integrated if companies really want to succeed.

“How can you deepen customer relationships if you don’t make sure everyone in the organisation understands what you are good at?”

According to our recent research (What Works Where in B2B Digital Marketing 2012, conducted in partnership with The Marketing Society and Circle Research) deepening customer relationships came back as the number one response, with 75 per cent of marketers putting it as their top priority, followed by building brand awareness and creating thought leadership.

Integrating both internal and external communications would no doubt impact on time pressures, but separating the two exacerbates would create a disconnect between what the organisation is trying to achieve and the people who are at the heart of it – the employees.

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