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Omo culture: the driver behind Omobono’s continued success

By James Butterworth

I am an intern at Omobono, having worked here for around 6 months. These are my observations about the workplace culture at Omobono, why it makes the company a great place to work and how it brings about its success, drawing on some of my own experiences for good measure.

As a 22-year-old graduate with no experience whatsoever of working for a creative and technology agency, I had little idea of what to expect upon arriving at Omobono as an intern earlier this year. What sort of work would I be doing? What would my colleagues be like? Would I be able to make a valuable contribution? These were just some of the questions circling around in my mind.

Soon after starting, the fears I came in with had dissipated. It quickly became clear that the culture at Omobono makes it an enjoyable and fulfilling place to work and drives its continued success with a range of high-profile clients around the world. More importantly for me at the time, the atmosphere was such that it was easy to settle in and focus my mind on the projects I was working on, feeling like a valued and important member of the team.

It took so little time to feel at ease because of the supportive atmosphere at Omobono. I’ve found all my colleagues – particularly those in the strategy team, who I’ve worked closely with during my time here – to be friendly, approachable and ready to offer help where they can. This means I’ve had a comfortable environment in which to develop new skills. During my internship I’ve worked on copy for short videos, scripts for speeches and become familiar with different methods of research. Whenever I’ve had queries or needed guidance I’ve been able to go to a colleague for advice and what I’ve learned from them has been invaluable.

The support offered at Omobono extends to recognising when people turn out quality work. I’ve seen numerous people commended for their efforts with Omobono Saints awards, which are given out every quarter and reward employees for professional and personal excellence. This recognition fosters healthy competition as everyone strives to be commended, in turn ensuring the standard of work remains high.

Omobono’s supportive atmosphere is made possible by the level of collaboration and interconnectedness. As soon as you walk into the office, you see “Stand together” and “Let’s go to work” on the walls in large print. This reflects the attitude that everyone at Omobono is part of a larger group effort, which benefits all. People here aren’t only thinking of themselves; when they win, they win together, and everyone takes pride in everybody else’s successes.

The team camaraderie is also remarkable because although Omobono has offices across the globe, there’s little sense of a barrier existing between one office and another. This is because Omobono uses video-calls every day, from stand-up sessions every morning to whole company meetings once a month or so. It’s highly effective as using it so regularly keeps everyone on the same page no matter where they are in the world. Having people in the London office ready for discussion at any time has also helped me expand my own experiences and work on projects I might not otherwise have had the chance to.

Another stand-out aspect of Omobono culture is the tendency to go the extra mile. One of the company’s values is to “strive for epic, as good enough, isn’t”, and this attitude pushes everyone to improve on the last piece of work they did. The benefits of this perfectionist approach are clear in Omobono’s achievements; amongst others, they’ve helped long-time clients triple their turnover over 12 years, supported client DMCC towards winning Freezone of the Year on four consecutive years and built a billion-dollar financial services brand with Greensill. On a personal level, watching everyone else excel has motivated me to apply the same high standards in the tasks I’ve completed.

Everyone at Omobono puts in the maximum effort because they’re genuinely enthusiastic and love the industry they work in. I’ve seen numerous colleagues talking about books they’ve read to do with strategy, marketing, advertising and so on, and people enjoy attending the regular Lunch and Learn sessions even when the topic isn’t something directly related to their jobs. This enthusiasm for the wider industry is infectious and rubs off on everyone, meaning Omobono employees wake up every morning knowing they’re going to a job that excites and engages them, which of course makes all the difference.

Although people at Omobono work hard, they make time to let their hair down. I’ve greatly enjoyed the monthly meals out (the fishcakes at The Punter next door are delicious) and drinks on a Friday afternoon, and there are still events I haven’t yet witnessed, such as the annual Omobono Feast. Due to the nature of the work Omobono does, with tight deadlines and clients with high expectations, people can be under a lot of pressure at times. Events like these help to relieve that stress and they also foster friendships between employees that improve collaboration back in the office – after all, who doesn’t work better with colleagues they like?

Overall, my experience of Omobono culture has been a very positive one. It’s clear to me that the company’s personality is a key factor to its considerable success. I would advise anyone wanting to work at a digital agency to join Omobono and experience the culture for themselves.

I’d like to give special thanks to Rob, Charlie, Jonathon, Simon, Nico, Ash and Gemma for all the help they’ve given me this year – it’s greatly appreciated. I’d also like to express my gratitude to the company in general for welcoming me in and giving me an experience I will look back on with great memories. It’s been a pleasure!

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