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Omobono joins forces with The Marketing Practice and Kingpin Communications

By Donna McGrory

Creating a powerhouse in B2B marketing that will set the agenda for how B2B services are delivered in the coming years.

After 20 years as an independent agency, this year we were delighted to join the TMP group, bringing together three of the most globally respected B2B agencies, each specialising in different key areas of the marketing mix:

  • TMP – strategy and commercial impact
  • Kingpin Communications – Insight, data, media and performance
  • Omobono – Brand and digital experience

Like us, The Marketing Practice and Kingpin are award-winning B2B agencies. Our combined group employs over 350 people with locations across the globe and deep skills in ABM, demand generation, data and analytics, market research, SEO and content marketing to name just a few. Both agencies, like us are also focused on delivering measurable business results for our clients.

Since joining forces, we have enhanced our ability to deliver for our clients at speed and scale across a broader and more connected set of marketing offerings. It has also expanded our geographic reach with a larger team covering North America, as well as Europe and APAC.

We're still very much Omobono though, continuing to focus on delivering the absolute best in digital-first, integrated communications, digital experience and digital products.

The B2B market is continuing to experience a significant change, as marketing leaders are becoming more accountable for revenue impact and looking for new routes to achieve growth. By joining forces with TMP and Kingpin, as a collective we are now able to provide more accountability, impact and inspiration for our clients as we move towards our ambition of becoming the largest and most powerful full service global B2B-only marketing agency.

If you'd like to find out more, or discuss new opportunities that this new offering could open up for your business, please get in touch.

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