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Social media listening for B2B brands: why and how to do it

By The Saint

Social networks have dramatically changed how we communicate in our personal and professional lives, and how businesses communicate with their customers. B2B brands are no exception.

What if you could easily access a mountain of data about your customers’ and prospects’ perception of your business? That compelling proposition is a reality brought about through social media listening.

Social media listening requires the use of software to access and collect a wealth of relevant data from social networks. At Omobono, we do social media listening for our clients using Sysomos, which provides access to real-time data and two years of historic data. We use the insights from this data to create new and improved ways for our clients to engage their audiences.

Top 5 tips for social media listening

1. Discover and embrace feedback on your brand
We use social media listening to identify how many discussions are taking place about a business, where the key conversations are taking place, and the sentiment and topics of those discussions. This provides quantitative and qualitative insights into how a company’s customers and other audiences perceive their brand, product or service. These insights can be used to identify and address any potential issues and to support new service or product development.

2. Understand your customers
Social media listening is a great way to discover demographic information about the people discussing your business online. Understanding who is talking about your business is key to informing key customer personas and ensuring future activities engages them.

3. Identify key influencers in your sector
A recent article in the Financial Times discussed the rise of the social media influencer. We use social media listening to discover key influencers; social media users with high authority in specific topic areas. Identifying and engaging with these influencers can be a very effective way to increase the reach and, when done well, the credibility of branded marketing activity and content.

4. Monitor your competitors
Knowing what your competitors are doing is half the battle. We set up listening dashboards to monitor competitor activity and gauge its impact. This allows us to learn from competitors’ successes and mistakes, and ensure our clients are using the most effective strategies and tactics – investing their marketing budgets in the right places.

5. Track campaign performance – test, learn and optimise
Social media listening can be the turn key in understanding whether and why marketing activity worked, who shared it and what their followers thought of it. We use real-time social data to track and optimise live marketing campaigns, and to demonstrate return on investment (ROI).

Listen and learn – from data to insights

Drawing meaningful conclusions interpreted from social media data is both an art and science. Whilst social media listening doesn’t have all the answers, it does support the discovery of audience-based insights. Unlocking those insights is the first hurdle to better marketing activity.

If you’d like to discuss how Omobono can help your business to optimise its marketing activity through social media listening, please contact us – email info@omobono.comor call 01223 307000.

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