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The confessions of our own Marcus Lambert

By Marcus Lambert

Recently, Omobono CTO Marcus Lambert was a guest on the excellent podcast CTO Confessions with TC Gill. 

The 45-minute talk was a candid exploration into his views on leadership, creating trust in organisations and dealing with COVID-19. 

Here are a few snippets of the fascinating conversation. 

Marcus on leadership 

“Omobono has gone through some big changes in the last few years. Part of that change was adopting agile practices and raising trust levels within the organisation. Key to it all was getting to know each other. Now more than ever before, Omobono is an organisation where we can genuinely give feedback to everyone and everyone feels safe to do so.”  

On life post COVID-19 

“The office environment in my mind will change a lot. It’s not going to be rows of desks where people turn up – it’s a space where people can collaborate and need that face-to-face interaction.” 

On digital conference platforms  

“One of the things I do like about the digital conference platforms is that they are setting up small roundtables that are really focused – come and join this table as it’s talking about ‘X’. When you go to a big conference, it’s sometimes hard to find a group of people who want to talk about that particular subject. It’s great now as it’s in a list and people can just join it.” 

On what he misses most when working remotely 

“Definitely seeing people. I’ve always enjoyed having that social downtime with my team, it’s an element of decompression. If we’ve had a particularly tough client, it’s nice to see that as a team we overcame that. I think that decompression is hard to do on a Zoom or Teams. It’s not the same.”   

On how much UX is enough 

“I think you can go overboard with it and do too much testing. From a process point, businesses are doing it too wholesale when they should run user tests on experiences with a smaller group of people and try smaller increments of change.” 

Listen to the full podcast here 

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