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To build your culture, define your values. Pt. 1

By Hem Chauhan

Company culture. Nowadays, it gets thrown around like sparkle confetti at a pre-teen birthday party. The thing about sparkle confetti, it gets absolutely everywhere. Same goes for a company’s culture. It permeates all areas of the business and is apparent to outsiders. When your company’s culture is thriving, you inevitably attract new and innovative talent. Here at Omobono, we believe that a well-nourished culture aids in talent retention and creates a strong brand identity.

Recently, we’ve been working to shape our company culture by clearly defining our core values. This way, they actually serve a purpose for our people and clients. These values communicate the expectations we have for each other – effectively becoming the glue that holds our culture together.

We’ve learned a few things throughout this process. And, whether you’re a client or an Omobonian – we’d love to share our journey with you in this three-part series.

Our Starting Point? Don’t be a D*%k
We originally defined eight values – but we quickly discovered that no one can remember eight things and ‘Don’t be a d*%k’ was the only value that stood out in people’s memory. Officially, that came across as ‘be good to each other.’ But as the company has continued to experience sustained growth, it has become necessary to clearly articulate our core principals and set the standard in a way that we can communicate and hold people accountable to those values.

To better understand how we adapt and live out our values, we sat down with Omobono’s founding partners for an in-depth conversation. Our focus: the three shaping principles for us to live out: Strive for Epic, Be the Difference, and Stand Together.

Value One: Strive for Epic
We’re not satisfied with simply getting the job done. When we say we ‘Strive for Epic,’ we’re referring to relentlessly pursuing creative breakthrough, embracing new tech, and continually pushing ahead of our competition. Our aim: to inspire our clients. This continual desire to blow past expectations permeates all we do. CEO Ben Dansie understands this well.

“Good is just not good enough. Great is what agencies, at their heart, can do. Unless you are aiming for something truly epic – you’re not going to be achieving what clients expect, nor will you be moving the needle.”

This sentiment rings true. We live in a world where we have to take risks in order to achieve memorable results. As Ben put it,

“Call it ‘striving for epic,’ call it ‘raising the bar’ – it comes down to placing a huge amount of pressure on ourselves to deliver awesome work.”

Co-founder Fran Brosan has an impressive and storied understanding of what ‘raising the bar’ looks like. Fran believes that ‘Striving for Epic’ should be our mindset in everything we do.

“If you don’t try to do the best thing, you’ll always regret not having tried. Doing what’s easiest is never the right thing – and you’ll know 5 minutes after you’ve done it.”

This mindset gets at the idea of our dedication to continually pushing boundaries in our work.

From a creative perspective, Chris Butterworth is always looking to make each project distinct and different.

“…How can we make people see something in a new way, think something differently, and experience something in a way that they have not before?”

He thinks we should all have a sense of constant ‘constructive frustration.’

“If you ever do a piece of work that you think is the best it could possibly ever be, you may as well go home because you’re done.”

Strive for Epic. The heart of this value is that we deeply care to deliver remarkable, memorable and innovative work. It’s not just a tagline. There’s a mutual pride within the company to exceed clients’ – and our own –  expectations. Much of our success is due to tenacious people who relentlessly reach for not just a good solution, but the unexpected solution that makes our clients eager to work with us.


In our next post in this series, we will unravel what it means to ‘Be the Difference.’ What does that actually mean for us, our founders, and ultimately our client relationships?

Strive for Epic – because ‘good enough’ isn’t
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