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To build your culture, define your values. Pt. II

By Hem Chauhan

‘Be the Difference.’ A motivational sign in a locker room? Or maybe a nice Pinterest quote on your bathroom mirror as a morning pick-me-up. These three words together really could have countless meanings. But at Omobono, it’s not just a jazzy tagline. We have a specific definition; it's a mindset that guides our attitudes towards each other, and our client relationships.

In the first blog post of this series, we walked through the reality that our values play a real part in shaping our culture. Simply put, our value ‘Strive for Epic’ is about going beyond what is expected, or even hoped for.

In this second post, we’ll move on to explaining ‘Be the Difference’ so we’re crystal clear about what this means for our employees and clients.

Be the Difference – because it’s how as much as what
At Omobono, we regularly emphasise the importance of delivering great work for our clients. But the way that work gets done is critically important to us. Our aim is to take every project to the next level through the experience of working with us. The experience = the difference.

This means that each of us personally go the extra mile, and get into the trenches with our coworkers. And our clients. This requires an authentic, positive disposition and ‘whatever it takes’ mentality. It’s what has caused clients to say that – at the core – we’re a pleasure to work with. Our clients know we’ve got their backs.

A call to arms
CEO Ben Dansie describes this value ‘as an endeavor we all must take on not just for the company’s sake, but for personal career growth as well’.

“Be the Difference’ is the individual call-to-arms. Each of us is responsible for our own careers and personal development. It’s about the deliverable AND the delivery.”

This attitude is empowering. Everyone has an opportunity to stand out and be recognised for delivering epic work – through intentional, creative and well… lively, interactions.

Co-Founder Fran Brosan thinks every little extra effort helps – even the bits that go unnoticed. When asked to describe this value, she shared the following:

“Even the little things that you don’t think matter make peoples’ lives easier. I always say to people ‘be bothered’ because the things that you don’t do often turn out to be the very things that actually make a difference. This is what being the difference is all about.”

To ‘be bothered’ really means that it’s easy to only do the bare minimum at times. But often, you find that those are the things you really should’ve done.

When asked which value we embody the most, Fran said,

“I’d say ‘Be the Difference.’ It’s the realisation that it’s not just what you do, but how you do it that means people come back to us for more work. Every improvement helps – not just the big (epic) stuff.”

Fortune favors the brave
Being a small agency with a global footprint and client base, taking smart risks are a part of our everyday reality. As ECD Chris Butterworth put it:

“’Be the Difference’ means opportunity is everywhere. You shouldn’t be waiting to be told whether you can do something. Fortune favors the brave and it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission.”

If it’s about enhancing the experience, employees have the green light to do so for their clients. This is why ‘Be the Difference’ holds such special meaning for us. It means being a delight to work with, no matter the client – as we deliver our best work. And that’s why our clients give such positive feedback:

“When I have the opportunity, Omobono is my “go to” agency because they bring a wealth of creative talent and skills along with a collaborative attitude that makes working with them a pleasure.”

So, go ahead. Take that motivational quote to heart because we sure do. And we’ve made it an important company value. Because when our employees feel empowered to create intentional experiences for our clients, that’s how we’re really being the difference.


In our final post in this series, ‘Stand Together’ will bring us full-circle in fleshing out our company values, and express how they’re actively pursued and lived out.

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