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To build your culture, define your values. Pt III

By Hem Chauhan

What looks simple on the surface is usually quite complex underneath. Your favorite meal might have an elaborate list of ingredients. A good story has multiple subplots and multi-dimensional characters. A car has clean, simple lines on the outside, but under the hood has high-tech engineering that makes it run. This also applies in the business world. Take culture, for instance. Each person brings different skillsets, beliefs, and attitudes to the table to create a unique group of norms - and this is definitely the case here at Omobono.

The first two parts of this series explored what it means to ‘Strive for Epic’ and to ‘Be the Difference’. This third value represents how we respectfully interact with each other. Not only internally, but also with our clients.

Stand Together – because we win as a team
‘Stand Together’ is our call to respect one another and the work we do. It’s rooted in the way we view one another – as valued, creative and unique human beings. And we build each other up especially when projects get tough or people are difficult.

As much as ‘Stand Together’ is internally facing, it ultimately impacts the way we partner with clients. Whether it’s creating live innovation sessions to inspire their teams, or joining weekend coding classes with a client just to nourish the relationship – it’s about asking ourselves, how can we be a better, more valuable partner? It’s about constantly evolving and innovating to meet their needs.

Founder and ECD Chris Butterworth noted, “The best teams I’ve ever worked in felt like tribes – the ‘us against the world’ mentality. This business demands a lot out of people – time, focus, intelligence. You can only keep doing it all on a daily basis if you feel your colleagues have got your back.” Standing together embodies how we see ourselves: a supportive community.

The team effort
Of course, a business’s primary function is to be profitable while serving clients’ needs. But more than that, we’re called to function with uncompromising respect for one another, which isn’t necessarily the norm at most companies. As Chairman Fran Brosan puts it, “We’re a team all on the same side, so go out of your way to make something happen for someone else.” That’s the internal aspect of this value.

Where do our clients come into play? CEO Ben Dansie highlighted this as he talked about client relationships:

“We’ve survived and thrived by doing it all togetherno matter what job titles we have; it’s all about the team effort. ‘Stand Together’ speaks to our working relationship with our clients. When we treat our clients as colleagues, side by side, then we win – both in terms of the relationship and in terms of the project.”

“When we treat our clients as colleagues, side by side, then we win”

If we just focus on the work that we produce, it might ‘wow’ our clients – but it takes much more effort and care to build a fruitful relationship. Including our clients throughout the process and valuing the relationship is essential for both retaining current partners and attracting new ones. This is why clients give such rewarding feedback such as:

“Once again, amazing work guys. A thousand times thank you for delivering on this. Definitely chose the right agency for this campaign.”

We’re often an extension of our client’s internal teams. A great example of this is how we’ve formed a special team to partner full-time with one of our clients on their new B2B opportunities. This means we’re often in each other’s offices, getting our hands dirty. Our goal is to produce an overall experience to help them win big and answer the question, why us? And helping our clients win deals affirms our partnership. Which is what causes them to say:

“It’s an impressive suite of deliverables from a highly committed and strategic team.”

Bringing it all to life
At the end of the day, what really makes Omobono unique is that these values aren’t just jazzy taglines. They’re the pillars that make up our culture and keep us accountable. They make up this wildly imaginative, creative, slightly hilarious and thoughtful community. Our hope is that we continue to live these out in transparent ways – and doing so will continue to move us forward.


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