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Top tips for getting your employees on board with social

By Susie Clark

How can I get everyone passionate about creating content for social media with limited time and resource?

Since joining Omobono as Marketing Executive last year, one of my key missions has been to drive active social engagement and impactful content creation throughout the agency.

We frequently advise our clients on the importance of a consistent inbound content marketing strategy. Providing answers to the questions that keep your customers and prospective clients up at night ensures you add value, positions you as an expert and raises brand awareness. As we ‘strive for epic’ (one of our three core values), we wanted to up our own game and continue to ‘eat our own dog food’.

By giving everyone in our UK business the tools, knowledge and confidence to create daily brand-boosting content, we have already seen some impressive results. In the most recent two-week period:

Omobono’s Twitter profile activity rose exponentially by 800%, impressions by 243%, and profile visits by 44%.

Here are five top tips to help you achieve the same success…

Divide it up…

No matter what the job title, team or location, everyone was added to a three-week social rota, segmented into groups of four. Each person is tasked with sending out two tweets per day during their allocated day.

This low-effort approach has allowed us to post a variety of different opinions, viewpoints and subject strengths to the Omobono profile each day. We’ve also made the decision to split our content into six-weekly campaign cycles to allow us to focus on specific topics and closely monitor measurement against KPI’s.

Provide a clear briefing and user platform…

A clear verbal briefing was communicated prior to the first campaign launch and followed up with a calendar invite and a written brief to ensure everybody knew exactly when they were required to input. The brief took the form of a ‘starter for 10 guide’, detailing relevant topics, resources for inspiration, key audience personas and a list of common questions and challenges that they might be facing.

As Omobono are a HubSpot partner, everyone in the agency has their own account with integrated access to the company Twitter account. Each user is able to see what their colleagues are posting each day as well as schedule their tweets based on an optimal time schedule to avoid any overlap. The key benefits for myself as a moderator are that I am able to track everyone’s tweets regularly and easily manage user accounts.

Trust your employees…

We lifted the lid on our employees! Our employees were given the trust to represent the agency and become great brand ambassadors. In response, we were confident that they would feel empowered and act in a respectful and professional manner.

To ensure everyone could feel comfortable and free to express their unique point of view, personality and interests we removed the red tape when it came to guidelines. We provided a simple list of five key do’s and don’ts and handed over the keys.

Reward your employees…

Success! By implementing the above we now have an increasingly active social profile that encourages employees to share and interact with our content on their own channels, making them powerful brand advocates.

To continue this type of activity, we’ve added an incentive and sense of competition to each campaign in the format of “Tweet of the Week”. The Omobono tweet with the highest level of engagement is announced each week on our internal social network, Yammer, and earns the winner an hour off work to spend as they choose.

Provide continual support…

We’ve created an open environment for conversation around each campaign to encourage people to voice their questions or issues and provide suggestions as we progress. We’re striving to develop our briefings throughout the year to keep the momentum and give everyone the tools, knowledge and confidence to continue our production of great content on behalf of the agency.

To complement the above, we’ll continue to bang the digital drum and encourage all of our employees to get involved in the agency’s Digital DNA programme and improve their social media skills through platforms such as the Twitter Flight School .

We’ll keep you posted on our progress and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any feedback!

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