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What Works Where 2018 kicks off at Soho House Chicago

By Hem Chauhan

Last Thursday, we hosted a gathering of current and potential clients to launch What Works Where 2018: an in-depth report on marketing trends and insights. Our goal was to entertain and educate. And we did just that. Soho House Chicago created the perfect atmosphere for a night filled with engaging conversation and a select group of guests - artwork filled every wall while marketers filled the rest of the space with high-spirited conversation and cocktails.

We kicked off the night by asking our guests one question: What are marketing leaders at the world’s largest companies doing to drive success? After months of research, we had an answer of our own, but wanted to hear what other experts had to say.

After Managing Director Tom Kelly made the opening remarks, Omobono’s founder Fran Brosan and head of strategy Philip Black shared the research. They spoke towards specific customer challenges and what marketers can bring to the party to drive revenue. They also identified the most important initiative for marketers today: building brand awareness, followed closely by deepening customer relationships. The power of content and the priority of senior leadership support were also recurring themes throughout the presentation.

Screenshot of Tweet from Leslie Marshall, Head of Experiential Marketing at Morningstar

Screenshot of Tweet from Omobono CEO Ben Dansie at the USA What Works Where event 2018

Screenshot of Tweet from Christine Buck, Head of Marketing & Brand, Talent and Culture at Morningstar

Following these insights, Eric Berggren from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management discussed which departments own Customer Experience (CX), and how complex owning CX can be. He emphasised how imperative it is for marketers to take the lead with CX—and what they can do about it.

Berggren’s thoughtful words allowed us to segue into an engaging panel discussion featuring SAP Fieldglass’ Head of Solution Marketing & Communications Lisa Harding, JLL’s Senior Director of Corporate Marketing Americas Dan MacAvoy and Grant Thornton’s Head of Content Strategy & Editorial Amanda Fildes. Facilitating our panel was Omobono’s US Head of Strategy Philip Black, who provided commentary from an agency perspective. Questions were raised and answered surrounding three very important perspectives: brand, people and platforms. All three panelists’ real-world experiences from within their organisations made their perspectives extremely relevant and insightful.

At the end of the night, it became clear that connecting brands, people and platforms is the name of our game as marketers.

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