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What Works Where in B2B digital marketing? 2012 edition

By Fran Brosan, Chairman

It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce the highlights of our 2012 research, What Works Where in B2B Digital 2012.

The results bring together the views of nearly 100 senior B2B marketers and compares what they think works with the view of the people they are targeting –224 buyers in business and professional services, financial services, engineering and manufacturing and technology and telecoms.

Whilst overall there are many indications that marketers are getting it right, some surprising results have emerged in terms of what really makes the difference between success and failure. In particular the divide between buyer and marketer on social and mobile is wider than we might have thought.

The document pulls out some of the statistics in four key areas – business relationships, thought leadership, the role of digital and spend vs effectiveness. The full research is a veritable Aladdin’s cave of data which we’ll be sharing in more detail over the coming weeks.

What Works Where in B2B Digital 2012 from Omobono

Many thanks to all who took part, and to our partners at The Marketing Society and Circle Research for their invaluable input.

To view the full charts click here.

We will also be presenting two webinars with further details on the research on Tuesday 29th of May at 10am (GMT) and 2:30pm (GMT)

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