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Why data only tells part of your story

By Will Brennan

Nowadays, data reigns. You see it everywhere in B2B marketing - much like in consumer marketing. Your go-to-market strategies are all informed by data; mastering the in’s and out’s of data analysis can make or break your business pitch, your insights reports are measured by the quality of their data. And why not? Data makes everything - including you - smarter.

But being smarter isn’t just about data. It’s about design, too. Think about it. B2B marketing is at its best when design reigns right alongside data. When you get that synergy right, magic happens. The full power of B2B marketing is unleashed when the facts inform design; not dictate it.

Unfortunately, as data takes the spotlight, design often falls out of focus, and the power of B2B marketing is increasingly diluted. The truth is, B2B marketing campaigns that rely only on data often miss the mark. Our industry’s lack of focus on design gives short shrift to the creativity and the human inspiration behind the new, innovative products we are promoting.

And as we look to today’s emerging technologies and reflect on the potential impact they’ll make across every industry’s landscape, we can realise new opportunities for data and design experts to work side-by-side and create powerful customer experiences.

Same tech, new tricks

Today’s in-market B2B technology may seem ground-breaking, but the personalisation tools used to build it have been around for years., New York’s top B2B tech company according to G2 Crowd, boosts businesses’ marketing with highly interactive content using calculators, quizzes, assessments, recommendations, polls and chatbots. Sound familiar?

While leading industry thinkers try to make sense of these tools’ creative capabilities, it’s B2B marketers’ responsibility to assess the data and design behind their in-market success. After making these assessments, they can build solutions with their teams to identify, classify and personify the tech experience they want to offer clients and customers:

Why data only tells part of your story

Data + Design = Genuine Delight

Viewing data and design as a collaborative process can help spur real change within a business’ ecosystem and, eventually, amongst consumers. If data marks the chapters of an enterprise’s story, design shapes the conversations in each chapter. And if neither thrive, your team won’t know how to shape their strategy and creative processes in congruence and add real value to your clients’ marketing outcomes.

Whether our clients operate in B2B or B2C industries, we need to understand what’s going on in the world from a human perspective to invoke genuine delight within customers. How?

Why data only tells part of your story
Because if personalising content is going to innovate future thinking behind new products, we need to make sure humanising content doesn’t remain a process of the past.

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