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The lines around marketing are blurring across customers, talent, and innovation. In today’s hyper-competitive world, brands need momentum more than ever. Clients need new ways of working – agencies that can get in the room and work with them to think through problems together in real-time.

Every business has brilliant people in it. Our job is to help direct their thinking, add to it and reach compelling solutions to business problems. To find the unstoppable together.

Halo Model

To deliver this we've developed the Halo Model. It brings together the three key drivers of brand, people and platform to create unstoppable businesses built around unforgettable experiences.

We build unstoppable brands - distinct and ground-breaking business brands, employer brands that inspire and activate employees, global campaigns that engage every audience.

We build unstoppable people - attracting the best talent and inspiring them to deliver, making compelling internal comms central to success.

We build unstoppable technology - tools and platforms that seamlessly underpin the customer experience, supporting employees with the tools to do their job simply and efficiently.

There are three key levers that contribute to success.


We build strong distinctive brands outside and inside the organisation. We create employer brands that inspire and activate employees. We deliver global campaigns that help brands connect and engage with their audiences.


We align business strategy and vision. We help companies whose people are their product, attracting the best people and inspiring them to deliver. Making compelling internal communication critical to success.


We make technology, tools and platforms seamlessly underpin the customer experience and help support the employee experience by ensuring they have the tools to do the job simply and efficiently.

Depending on the nature of the initiative, the blend will change, but all three demand consideration.

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