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Every year, JLL organises a charity triathlon for clients and colleagues.

Competitors always give hugely positive feedback, saying it makes them feel great about JLL. In 2018, following an updated brand identity, JLL wanted to upgrade the events’ look and feel. However the triathlon has a strong (and well-known) history, so it needed a compelling story behind the change and an explanation of how it links to JLL’s brand promise of Achieve Ambitions.


In the context of a triathlon, Achieve Ambitions is all about the competitors. People who sign-up every year, fit training around their busy schedules and really strive to make their mark. So Omobono created stories around these ‘Everyday Athletes’.

We picked three long-time triathlon entrants. We interviewed them and filmed them as they went through their rigorous training regimes. Then we created a content plan for the media, turning the one-minute films and stories into core content for social campaigns, supporting articles and landing page. All of it focused on telling the story of the new JLL brand promise through the efforts and association of these everyday athletes.


Throughout the social campaign, video ads drove a huge volume of interactions.


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Jamie Moran, UK Head of Marketing:

“Omobono showed creative flair throughout the project while producing fantastic videos and social media content to create a standout marketing campaign for us.”

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