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Shaping a brand in a ground-breaking new category

50% of the US workforce is made up of non-payroll workers. Many are engaged by different divisions, across different countries and different teams. So it’s hard to create a consistent approach to hiring, managing and achieving business goals.

SAP Fieldglass is changing that. As the leader in external workforce management they needed to define their proposition and bring it to life as part of the SAP family. With one key goal – to show that SAP Fieldglass is the right partner to navigate this new category.


Omobono helped SAP Fieldglass define the dynamics shaping the procurement and HR markets — the multi-channel workforce, digital transformation and external talent. We developed a brand identity that featured hero portraiture, business/industrial settings and punchy, forward looking copy. This allowed us to tell client stories — across industries, business size and employee types. This was all codified into a comprehensive set of guidelines that allowed their teams and agency partners to roll out a consistent and compelling narrative about this new category.

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