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In 2017 Sportradar reached a pivotal point in its business strategy.

It already had 1,900+ employees in over 80 countries, but rapid growth in the US sports data market showed it could have greater dominance on an even bigger scale. Sportradar had to present a stronger, clearer brand that would encourage more conversations with the worlds’ largest sports teams, bodies, federations and media companies.


Behind a basketball player shooting a three-pointer, or a goalkeeper making a save, Sportradar reveals the data behind the plays and under the skin of the game. We positioned Sportradar as The Sourcecode of Sport.

Behind this central idea, Omobono created a new visual identity ‘kit’: refining the existing logo, introducing new fonts and typography, new colours, a new data mesh graphic to represent the ‘The Sourcecode’, photography and iconography. Launch assets were created; a sales pitch deck for the US team, digital advertising, website redesign and corporate collateral.

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