In August 2021, Omobono became part of The Marketing Practice. This means we can deliver a fully connected set of offerings across the entire marketing funnel, from brand to demand.

Enhanced services include audience insight, ABM, media planning and data & analytics. It also expands our geographic reach with a larger team in North America, as well as Europe and APAC.

We do things differently

Working for Omobono is different

Working for Omobono is different. We build teams around specific requirements and encourage them to make the decisions they need to deliver the work. So everyone in the company gets to contribute.

And we do it by making a series of small moves that are safe to try and respond to on-going change, not by making inflexible long-term plans that are out of date the moment they're created.

Who we do it for

20 years of focus

We started in 2001 and named ourselves after Saint Omobono, the patron saint of business people

And over 20 years later, we still focus exclusively on global business brands. We've built a unique mix of creativity, technology skills and business understanding to deliver thinking and execution that helps our clients stand out. And to create exceptional connected experiences for both their customers and employees.


Who we do it for

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Our technology partners

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The only solution to uncertainty and change is to embrace it

So we don’t build masterplans that go out of date the moment they’re written. We respond to change as it unfolds. We move step by step toward our objective. We choose progress over perfection. We experiment, test and learn. These are the small moves that lead to big results.