Clinigen is a rapidly growing,global speciality pharmaceutical and services company. Its mission is to deliver the right medicine, to the right patient, at the right time.  

But what makes Clinigen different is the combination of its businesses. They complement each other across the lifecycle of medicine – from clinical trials to unlicensed and licensed supply, increasing access to medicines and improving the lives of patients. 

Omobono has been working with Clinigen for a number of years, augmenting their teams and focusing on both defining UX strategy and being heavily involved in the development of their new online ordering platform.  

The challenge

Clinigen needed to undergo a major digital transformation programme. It had to rationalise its complex set of ERPs and change how it serviced healthcare professionals globally.

Previously ordering medicine through Clinigen was a convoluted process using existing legacy systems or contacting customer services.  

The key challenge was to simplify the customer experience and bring together all the aspects of ordering general and managed access medicine into a single solution, one that could enable self-service on a global scale.  

The solution

Earning trust through a seamless digital experience

Clinigen were totally committed to delivering a world-class customer experience through the development of a new ordering platform called Clinigen Direct. The platform enables hospital pharmacists and clinicians to order licensed, unlicensed and commercial medicines online through a self-service global portal.  

Clinigen Direct allows life-saving medicines to be purchased online, even though they are challenging to source and transport through a complex global regulatory environment.


As healthcare professionals are not used to ordering medicines in this way, the entire process had to be incredibly simple to use and inspire trust.

We used primary research to establish the pain points for healthcare professionals, and delivered our transformation programme in ‘slices’, allowing us to get to market quickly, learn and adapt in line with feedback from real users.

The new digital solution enabled the customer service teams to focus on customer support rather than order processing. Not only can orders now be placed through the new platform, it also collates and provides data on global medicine shortages to enhance supply chain efficiency and minimise disruption. 


Omobono has provided excellent strategic and technical expertise which have enabled us to develop a platform that will help us reach more healthcare professionals and drive long term growth.

Their UX focus has placed the needs of healthcare professionals at the heart of our ordering experience, helping us to provide an outstanding service.

Simon Harper

Vice President, Digital. Clinigen

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