Capita are one of the UK’s largest outsourced services and IT businesses, and they’re committed to improving lives in the communities they serve. 

One way they do this is through their partnership with Young Enterprise – working to ensure young people get the education they need to thrive in a changing digital economy. Capita realised that this commitment was shared by a number of their high-profile clients and prospects so they set out to create a shared platform for change with two main objectives: To Impact a greater number of young people’s lives more effectively, and to build stronger relationships with CEOs through the strategic use of Account Based Marketing.

‘The Classroom of the Future’ was born.

The challenge

We worked with Capita and Young Enterprise to build a campaign around a simple question: ‘what does it mean to be a responsible consumer?’

The campaign had to: 

  • Engage young people with the environmental and social implications of consumption  
  • Have a competitive element  
  • Give our C-suite execs the chance to play a role  
  • Have broader flexibility than a simple one-off, so we’d be able to build it out for future years.  

The competition

The competition would be a simple poster creation competition where kids would be asked to illustrate what being a responsible consumer could look like. Teachers and parents would receive materials and lesson plans to help build this into existing learning easily, and our target CEOs would be invited to judge the competition. 

Devising messaging and collateral that could address all the different audiences proved a unique challenge. We needed material that could communicate with 7-year-olds as effectively as with CEOs, all while staying true to Capita’s brand. We also had the tripwire of COVID, which hit just before the campaign started, so all our material had to work just as well for home schooling as in classroom environment 

The solution

'Creating a better future'

Our core message and creative identity was closely tied to Capita’s newly launched brand. Capita’s promise is ‘better outcomes’, so we tied this to the idea of young people’s futures. Resulting in: ‘Creating a better future’, a rally cry for our audiences.  

Personalised CEO invites

We developed a series of highly targeted and personalised CEO invites

Sent via email, they asked our CEOs to judge the competition. The invites were so effective that recipients were calling Capita back directly within five minutes of receiving them, keen to take part.  

Social media support

Engaging parents, teachers and the wider community

To raise the profile of the campaign and engage parents, teachers and the wider business community, we ran social media campaigns across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

Amazing artwork

The young people who entered created some incredible artwork, featuring super heroes, recycling machines and public information campaigns.

The winning entry was the amazing ‘Elena Electricity Sekret’ from 6-year-old Florence Pethybridge – a superhero who whizzes around the house, turning off lights and appliances to save electricity! Florence later went on to become a minor celebrity, appearing on radio and raising the profile of the campaign even further.  

  • 197,000+
    Young people reached globally
  • 141
    Opportunities influenced
  • 5
    Key C-suite decision makers reached, influencing pipeline in the hundreds of millions
  • £1.2m
    Closed business won to date

This campaign has completely re-positioned Capita with key decision makers. We have been able to generate conversations with a campaign that feels real and extremely relevant with the challenges we are all facing due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Kate Owen, Director – GTM, ABM and Industry

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