Botify is an SEO platform that gives businesses the tools to improve their search rankings.

They want to become the undisputed search engine optimisation platform for enterprises. In summer 2019, Omobono was appointed to reposition and redesign the brand to align with their enterprise growth ambitions. 

The challenge

The enterprise SEO category is filled with brands with similar visual styles, relying on features and technical language to set themselves apart.

Most CMOs don’t know the name of an SEO company, let alone the incredible value they can generate. We needed to make Botify relevant to CMOs in order for it to stand out from the crowd.


Our project with Botify kicked off with a number of interviews and workshops with key company stakeholders.

Our aim was to understand what made Botify unique both from a product and culture point of view. Taking what we learned in these meetings, we identified that the sector’s messaging was overwhelmingly skewed towards the rational. Botify’s competitors are simply not perceived as visionaries. 


Our research identified that one of the top goals of the C-Suite audience was to discover new growth opportunities – especially when it meant finding untapped value in existing digital assets.

This led us to develop a brand idea: ‘The power to discover hidden potential’. 


The solution

We developed the core brand idea with a set of supporting messages that highlighted the business benefits of getting more value from your digital assets. 

Creatively, we focused on the idea of ‘simplify to amplify’. Our visual concept used light, shadow and layers as simple metaphors showing how to reveal hidden value by removing clutter and complexity. We also used their ownable purple to colour the revealed layer and tie their brand to the concept of hidden value.  

Botify's new brand was distinctive and grown-up. It resonates confidence and the brand now stands out ahead of its competitors. 


In a space where everyone else uses cartoons, space metaphors and clichéd silicon-valley graphics, our distinctive grown-up brand resonates confidence and a breath of fresh air.

James Holland

Creative Director, Omobono


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